Nicole Dixon

Administrative Assistant

2016 — Present

Nicole came on board to the In Design team as an extension of our Accountant and CPA who was closing his doors last year. We didn’t know this then, but we crossed paths at what is now known as the Southern Arizona University of Visual Arts, aka The Art Center. Nicole attended high school for a short period with Eva, and also with Brandy at the college for their degrees in Interior Design. Although Nicole went on to complete schooling elsewhere and took on a different skillset for her career; It was so fitting and seemingly perfect that our careers and lives would once again intersect later in life.

Nicole has the eye for creativity that the office and team appreciate as much as we do her work with numbers. She grew up in England and moved to the States in 1990 where she began her creative journey. With her love of reading, her passion for art and her equal love of order and strategy, she found herself working as a PT bookkeeper for the Interiors In Design, LLC studio where she has worked hard to implement strategies to keep our books clean and our clients happy. Nicole is an asset to any office setting, and she really enjoys working in the studio with some pretty awesome designers.

Nicole handles our Accounts Receivable (clients) and Payable (vendors) and as our Administrative Assistant wants you to feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns for our team. You can reach her directly at 520-302-3620 or by office email at