Our Process

Our Process

With you from start to finish


Getting started

The first step of designing your perfect space is to create a vision. We work with each client to identify goals, wants, needs, and aesthetics while taking the time to recognize potential limitations due to budget and the property itself. At this point, we establish a timeline with our client and begin to sample products and materials, while identifying primary features to convey the desired feel of the space. Then, we document the existing space, walk the space with contractors, and create a layout of the design. If the client wants adjustments, we work with them to make sure the overall design plan is exactly what they want.


Design Development

The second step in making your perfect space a reality is creating working design development documents. We develop specifications of product details and sources, then finalize the selections for the products that will make your space unique and functional. Next, we create lifelike and realistic renderings that give you a thorough understanding of your future space, and that our commercial clients may use for marketing their new design ahead of time.


Detailed Planning

At this point in the process, we will make detailed documents that contractors can give bids on. We then move forward into pricing and implementation of the plans we have been working hard to create for you!

Design Drawings & Documentation

We create detailed design drawings and design specification documents so our clients and our contractors can see the full picture. These documents are what the general contractor will use to bid on the job. Our team provides the overall floor plan, demolition floor plan, furniture floor plan, finish plan, lighting plan, elevations, and detailed drawings of your project. We also provide the FF&E specifications, including the items’ thumbnail, vendor, part or sku number, color, and size. Then, we provide a detailed rendering of your gorgeous new space so you can show people what the future holds! 


Procurement & Project Management

In the final stage of design, we will identify and price products that will make your space stand out. Then, we will check on availability and establish a delivery timeline. Next, we’ll do a walkthrough with contractors while interpreting and explaining the design goals to them. During this phase of the project, we participate in ongoing construction meetings until your space is complete. We use this time to evaluate workmanship and troubleshoot, if needed. Now, all that is left to do is install the products and add fresh paint! We love revealing completed projects to our clients, and take great joy in transforming spaces into their fullest potential.

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