Jared Hood

Junior Designer

I was born in a small town in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. I spent the early years of my childhood in Wyoming and Texas before my mother relocated us to Phoenix. I have been a desert rat ever since! I enjoyed growing up in Phoenix and seeing that relatively new city grow and develop its character as I did the same, but I decided I needed a little change. It was then that I moved south to the Old Pueblo of Tucson, AZ.

Shortly after arriving in Tucson I decided to go back to school to pursue my passion for design. I started classes at SUVA and it was there that I first met Eva. She taught a couple of my early courses and I learned a lot of the fundamentalist of design from her directly. Later, I gained my first bit of professional experiences from Eva & Brandy as an intern to Interiors In Design back in its fledgling days when the ladies were still working out of their homes.

I left the design field for a few years to pursue my other passion – food. I manage a small locally owned sidewalk bistro in a historic building downtown. One night a saw a familiar face enter my restaurant – it was Eva! We chatted about what we each had been doing since last we saw each other. I was happy to learn how much her firm had grown and I expressed my continued interest in design work. Shortly after I joined the Interiors In Design team.

As a long time resident of the Tucson downtown area, I love the revitalization that is happening before our eyes! To see old places and unused spaces being given new life is what I love most about design. To be a part of a team that breathes new energy into a space, whether it is a modest residential remodel or a large commercial project, is what continues to fuel my passion for design.