Eva Murzaite

Principal Designer | Founder | NCIDQ | ASID

Bachelors of Arts in Interior Design, 2005
Southwest University of Visual Arts

I was born and raised in Lithuania but have been an Arizona Native since 1996. After finishing my studies I learned the trade by working for a residential design firm here in Tucson, then transitioned to working for Intertech, an architectural firm specializing in commercial interiors. I was there for five years designing restaurants, hotels, multi housing facilities, student living. Some locally and some on the international scale. Following the world financial crisis and parenthood I decided to merge my experience in both Residential and Commercial design and established Interiors In Design LLC in 2009.

My European roots and family background play a tremendous role in my design philosophy and aesthetic. My grandfather Cheslovas Stunskas was a furniture designer and maker, anything his hands touched was made to last a lifetime. He worked with natural materials and loved clean classical lines and folklore. He taught me that working relationships built over time and nurtured into friendships are what make work and life so meaningful, graceful and fun. Sometimes I walk through the lumber department just to get a wiff of that freshly sawn wood smell that brings me right back to his workshop.

I believe that great design for a space begins with getting to know its’ user, the history and structure of the building and the culture that surrounds it. I believe that the design is only as great as the people who come together into a team to build it and the products that we are able to find. In Design was built on these values and all of us here spend a lot of time getting to know craftsmen, vendors and seeing all the new products and inventions that emerge in the market. They are what make us great, our role is to put all the beautiful notes into one symphony. Our greatest satisfaction is to see our clients take pride and enjoy their new space, a setting where their life takes place.