Ana Fernandez

Interior Designer | Allied ASID

Bachelors of Arts in Interior Design, 2016
Southwest University of Visual Arts

I was born in Mexico and raised in a small town in Southern Arizona. My Mexican heritage plays a huge role in my work and inspiration. Family is a big part of who I am and I consider myself fortunate in that I have my immediate family close and my extended family just a short drive away in Hermosillo, Sonora, MX. I love visiting Hermosillo because it reminds me of growing up and where I came from. Some of my fondest memories reside in Hermosillo. The people and culture continue to inspire my work and passion for what I do. I enjoy visiting local shops and design firms to get an idea of what’s trending in the industry and taking in everything that Mexico has to offer. Visiting Hermosillo inspires my daily work and I hope to continue expanding my horizons and applying everything that I am picking up along the way.

During my sophomore year in college, I was presented the opportunity to intern with a local design firm that specialized in assisted living. After that my journey took me to a company that specialized in private jet interiors. Those two experiences were pivotal in helping me land where I am now. I soon realized that my talents were not being utilized to their full potential and it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do. That’s when I decided to follow my passion and look into more commercial and residential work. The idea was to find a place where I could grow, utilize my training and use my design process and personal touches in creating something that would make me proud to be a designer.

I soon came across Interiors In Design. Eva and Brandy’s work was inspiring and exciting. I had learned from my previous employment that organization and communication are the key to this industry (as in life) and I was overjoyed to find a workplace that succeeds in both areas. I am now a Junior Designer at Interiors In Design and I couldn’t be happier.

As a Junior Designer, I take part in every stage of a project. My passion has definitely always leaned towards space planning and the construction-side of a job. In all honesty I truly enjoy working on all aspects of a project. I love to read and continue learning about our industry and its leaders as much as I can.

Developing my career with Eva and Brandy has been an incredible learning experience and I have had the great honor in joining them on some amazing projects. The best part about this experience is the incredible people that I have met along the way. Some of the best things that I’ve learned from these girls are: to design with your heart, always be fair, and value all relationships and people in our industry.

Eva, Brandy and I truly love our industry! It brings us so much joy to play such a vital role in people’s lives in designing the places where they live, work, and play.