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SUVA Interview w/ Eva and Brandy

indesign Published on: April 28, 2020 Category: Interview

Eva Murzaite and Brandy Holden on their time at SUVA

March 2, 2020

Earlier this year we spoke to two Interior Design alumni students, Eva Murzaite and Brandy Holden about their time at SUVA.

How would you describe your time at SUVA?

Eva: I think the word that comes to my mind when I think about my time at SUVA is focused. I was completely submerged and engaged in my studies. It was all enveloping and fast paced so there really wasn’t much time for anything else.

Brandy: Absolutely, and to elaborate on that, due to SUVA’s expectations on attendance, you really can’t miss any classes. This isn’t an institution where you can just do the work and pass; you have to be present to every class.

Were there any classes in particular that you enjoyed working on and discovering?

Brandy: My very first class was drafting 101, and if I’m being perfectly honest I thought ‘what had I gotten myself into?’ I had to assess what I thought the definition of an interior designer was, because I was clearly going to be doing more than picking wall colors and fluffing some pillows. The first two weeks were a little rough for me because I didn’t really understand what the course involved and how in-depth it was. But by the end of the class I made the connection in regards to how high level everything regarding interiors has to be, and how much collaboration is needed with builders and architects in the industry.

Eva: Some of my favorite classes were cross-disciplinary classes taught by other instructors. I love to draw and being taught by illustrators in how to convey a space through points of perspective and understanding was really helpful. I loved that aspect of it.

The other courses I really loved were when we had to see projects through from start to finish, for example when we were doing hospitality design in one of our senior projects. These classes really put our creativity to the test.

Is there anything you wish you’d known as a student that you know now?

Brandy:All of it (laughter).

Eva: I think one of the things from me that really helped change my mindset was after I did my internship and still had schooling to do; it was hugely helpful to know what things to focus on, and I actually ended up working as a design assistant pretty early on. But being able to have some experience in conjunction with school allowed me to get a lot of value out of my degree.

Brandy: Absolutely, I didn’t start my internship as early as Eva did but I would say I wish I had collaborated further.

What advice would you give to new students?

Eva: Get connected with the community early on, and get to know as many vendors as possible though ASID (American Society of Interior Designers). Many vendors open up events so you can get to know the representatives of certain products (such as furniture, tiles and paints). Get to know them and learn from them. The designers’ job is to coordinate the orchestra but each one of those people specializes in their own instrument.

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