Pima Canyon Residence

This gorgeous modern home located in Pima Canyon was newly built and finished with beautiful materials and fixtures. In Design was involved in this project to help the new homeowners transition from their previous home and traditional aesthetic to their large scale dream home with a contemporary design. It was a complete transformation of lifestyle for the whole family. Scale, comfort and high fashion style were in the foreground of the design decisions when it came to select new furniture, artwork and accessories. With a conceptual design and furniture layout in hand In Design along with the home owners Jet Set to the Las Vegas Furniture Market to view the best products currently available on the market. It was a great way to approach this large scale project. Attending the showrooms allowed us to view and test the options for each space and expedite the decision making process. After three days of “shop till you drop”, we had selected fabrics, finishes, rugs, artwork and accessories to make the new house their home. A combination of steel blues, pewter grays, burnt orange, and cream serve as the color palette. Sleek curves of the furniture pieces – the sofa, accent chairs and tables, dining room furniture contrast the highly textured area rugs and whimsical accessories. The furnishing composition ads interest but compliments the clean, simple lines of the focal architectural features in the home such as the steel faced fireplace and large scale limestone floor.

Interior Designers:
Brandy Holden and Eva Murzaite
Procurement Assistant:
Ashley Earnest
James Holden