Kababeque Indian Grill

This Indian restaurant has been a thriving staple on University of Arizona Boulevard for a decade and was due for a refreshing renovation. The previous layout was lacking function and had too much wasted space. The traffic was rerouted to have a direct access from the entry to the order counter and accommodate the never ending lunch rush line without disturbing the seated customers. The storefront window was replaced with a two way seating bar that opens the restaurant to the passing boulevard traffic. By repurposing the clouds and redistributing them along with oversized light bulb fixtures we gave the high ceiling and interesting and decorative look. To give the restaurant a fresh and youthful appearance we played with high contrast, bold colors and textures in the furniture and finishes. A piece of the past is a family style dining table which had been a part of the restaurant since it’s opening day and was upcycled to be a wall mounted panel to house a flat screen TV playing Bollywood movies.

Interior Designer:
Eva Murzaite
Design Assistant:
Jared Hood
Procurement Assistant:
Ashley Earnest
G & J Development
Cris Candelario