Historic Downtown Adobes

We have been honored to work on this historic renovation project in the heart of downtown Tucson. The three adobe homes that were built in the 1800’s were later purchased together to be connected by one courtyard and serve as an artist studio and sanctuary for guests and cultural events. The focus of design for this home was to preserve the historic value and architectural integrity while accommodating the functions and comforts of today’s lifestyle. It was to become a backdrop and a pure unintrusive canvas for art and creativity to thrive.

The project is in it’s second phase to date (January , 2015) and has been evolving since 2013. The home owner undertaking this monumentous task is a true visionary who is very much a driving creative force and has brought together a team of very talented and dedicated people to make all the aspects of this project come to life. It has been a dream to work with the exceptional quality products, the level of thought and craftsman ship that were granted to this home. The first phase is a collage of incredible art work and antiques collected through generations and especially by one inspired and extraordinary person whose spirit brings light and joy not only into the home but the lives of all those working on the project very day. It is a masterpiece and it has more than involved the community, it has built one.

Interior Designer:
Eva Murzaite
Kitchen Designer:
Clive Morgan – Arizona Designs Kitchen and Baths
Built-In Closet Design:
Brandy Holden
Design Assistant:
Ayla Marshall
Procurement Assistant:
Ashley Earnest
Vint and Associates
Gipson Corwin Homes
Jeff Volker