1. Always do your very best work and show pride in what you do.

Not the most you can do, the best you can do.

  1. Respect privacy of our clients, of our company and of other employees.

Respect the clients privacy, their space and lifestyle during construction. Publications about the project or the company in any print, internet or social media must be discussed.

  1. Always consider everyone involved in the project.

How is what you’re doing effecting: the client, the building, the designer, the support staff, the builder, the craftsmen, the vendors, the community, the environment, our history.

  1. Be dependable and fulfill your commitments.

Always do what you say when you said you were going to do it. Work ethic and discipline is the key to long term success.

  1. Be honest about everything, always.
  1. Help the team thrive and grow.

Share creative ideas, give constructive criticism, be kind and encourage professional growth of each other.

  1. Be grateful

for the opportunity to do what you love, for the rewards of your hard work, the work and talent of the builder, the craftsmen, the vendors, for the support you have from our team.