Row House Revival

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Two years ago was a shining moment for our team at Interiors In Design as we were hired to take on a massive residential remodel located in the heart of downtown Tucson. This project wasn’t your typical residential remodel. For starters, the earliest recordings of these homes go back to the late 1800’s. This project consisted of 3 homes, built side by side, each their own entity. However, the client wanted to unify the 3 homes by designing and adding a large courtyard in the backyard while still giving each home its own identity. Adobe walls and original hardwood floors were among many of the original features kept throughout the design and construction process. Because of the careful thought process, attention to every detail, and the fact that a historic piece of Tucson was brought back to life, Tucson Lifestyle Home and Garden asked to write a piece on the first home that went under construction. The article is a testimony of the tremendous amount of planning that went into these row homes. No stone was left unturned as every detail was well thought out and executed. And speaking of execution, this project came together because of all of amazing team members: the homeowner, architect, builder, sub contractors, and designers. Today, the last 2 homes are still under construction but are quickly approaching completion.The homeowner had a vision and the entire project defines the word “creativity.” We are honored and proud to have been a part of such a huge undertaking and that we could help bring the homeowner’s vision to life.

Moving on Up, to the East Side! Actually… a few blocks west!

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This past week was a milestone for our team at Interiors In Design. After 2 years off renting our first office space in downtown Tucson, we packed our bags and moved a few blocks west to the northeast corner or 7th Ave and 6th St. When we set out on the journey 2 years ago looking for “just the right” office space, we felt  Interiors In Design belonged downtown. With the revitalization of downtown Tucson happening, we felt it was very important for our presence to be known. That decision was confirmed when we were awarded 2 separate residential remodels, both being associated with the historical district of Tucson and one restaurant remodel located off University Avenue. After 2 years of renting our 750 square foot office, our lease was coming to a close, the building was purchased by a new owner, and it was time for Interiors In Design to make a decision whether to “stay comfortable” or make a change and broaden our vision for what we know Interiors In Design can become. We set out our or search for a new office space and just this past week, we moved into 510 N. 7th Ave. Our new home. Our new adventure. Above you will see a few photos of what the interior and exterior look like now. Follow us on Facebook and our journal entries on the website, to view the progress being made during construction. Cabinetry, lighting, tile work, appliances, art work, furniture, and much more will be a part of Interiors In Design: Studio, Gallery, and Collaborative Workspace. Thanks to each and every one of you for the love and support over the years. We are truly blessed and would not be where we are today without you!

Sherwin Williams STIR: Making the Upgrade

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Last year Interiors In Design was awarded the design job from Campus Crossings Star Pass, a Tucson based student housing facility, to take on the task of bringing the clubhouse aesthetic into a modern era. After the project was complete, we shared the photos with our local Sherwin Williams rep, Laurie Clark. ip tech info . Laurie  reviewed the photos and asked if she could share them with the corporate team from Sherwin Williams. information about domain Of course our response was “ABSOLUTELY!” Around a week later, we received a telephone call from Laurie asking if we would like to have the photos printed in STIR Magazine and provide an interview about the project. The Fall 2015 publication of STIR was recently released and pages 28-32 showcase the design work we provided Campus Crossings Star Pass. Thank you to the entire team at Sherwin Williams for taking the time to interview our team on this student housing project and printing our love of design in your national publication, STIR magazine.