large 2Commercial Design

Remodel or new construction, our purpose is to create an interior that leaves a lasting impression while providing optimal function for performing services and daily tasks.

Before the design process begins, let us handle the reviewing and application of building and health codes, as well as current ADA Standards. This provides the very best functionality and accessibility for your business.

We will review your goals and requirements to determine your complete project scope, then prepare as-built plans and verify sq. footage as necessary, following closely the construction activities with the drawings and specifications.

IMGP0707Residential Design

Multitude of elements play an important role in a residential interior. Aesthetics, design, style, color, and personal things will all affect the way your home feels. There are also practical considerations: spatial layout, scale, ergonomics, materials, texture and durability, just to name a few. They will determine how well your home will function.

A professional’s experience is priceless when it comes to making all of the decisions. Achieving a cohesive and beautiful interior will result in the most enjoyment from the investment your are making in your home.

Tailored Consultation

Interiors In Design offers personalized design consultation, space and furniture layout, color consultation, material selection, custom cabinetry, tile design, lighting design, window coverings, furniture, art & accessories.