The Venue

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Located in the heart of Baton Rogue, Louisiana near Tiger Stadium, Campus Apartments The Venue is a student housing complex that houses over 500 students. With new student housing facilities popping up left and right over the Baton Rogue area, Campus Apartments knew it was time to upgrade their clubhouse amenities to reflect a resort style community. In Design visited the property in October 2014 to evaluate the potential and define the scope of work .If anything holds true about the Southern region of the US, it’s that students, alumni, and local patrons love SEC Football and the saying holds true that the locals bleed “Purple and Gold.” This is why proposed concept of “Elevated and Sophisticated Purple and Gold  ” had a great appeal for the region. In Design signed the contract in November of 2014 and construction is to begin in 2016.

Interior Designers:
Eva Murzaite and Brandy Holden
Design Assistant:
Ayla Marshall